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The Great Wall of China is one of the world’s most visited travel destinations, but before you start your journey, have you prepared the right things for your travel?

What You Should pack for Your Trip to the Great Wall of China
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Traversing the entire length of the Great Wall of China is a challenge in itself, so it is important that travelers prepare themselves not only physically and mentally, but also by packing the things needed most during the trek.

Here are some things you shouldn't go without:

  1. Clothes: The clothing you pack should reflect upon the season of your travel. When traveling during the summer months, it's recommended to pack a pair of shorts for your daytime apparel and sweater or jacket during the evening, when temperatures drop. Also, remember to take a pair of loose pants and some cotton shirts for a more comfortable hiking experience. It's also not a bad idea to include a light scarf to shield your face from the elements during the winter, spring, and autumn.
  2. Shoes: Running shoes are a good option because there are steep hills along the Great Wall of China. Make sure your shoes have a good tread and, if possible, opt for a high-top with strong ankle support.
  3. Food and Beverages: Hikes generally last for about two to three hours, so remember to pack some snacks and water. The only store along the way is in Badaling.
  4. Umbrella, Sun block, Moisturizer and Sunglasses: Take care of your skin by applying sun block and/or using an umbrella, which is useful for both sunny and rainy days. Moisturizers help prevent the drying effects of the weather in any season, and a good pair of shades will protect your eyes.
  5. Medication and First Aid: If you take a regular medication, don't forget to pack it for your journey. Bringing along a small travel First Aid kit is suggested.

While there are many other things you can bring along for convenience, it's best to stick with the necessities to avoid overloading your backpack, which can become very heavy during your long walk.

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