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Explore Bali more – go to Seminyak Beach.

Situated on the west, the residential and tourist community in Seminyak is among the best parts in Bali. Although spa services and hotels are quite costly in this part of Indonesia, it remains to be a famed visitor destination, most especially with expats and affluent travelers.

So if you’re scouring Bali not only for a long stretch of gray sandy beach but also for great shopping districts and dining opportunities, then you’ll never go wrong with Seminyak. Catch a sunset clip of its beach in Sebastian Linda’s video, wherein the German voice over is translated as follows:

And so the poor people had the beach just for them alone. Without having to pay for it. And they enjoyed it while playing volleyball, drinking beer or looking after nice girls. And they appeared to be very happy. On this beach they could forget that there were people who are richer, driving better cars or having super expensive attorneys.

So start planning your next luxurious holiday vacation as early as now!

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