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Our featured video today lets you take a peek at the leading tourist spots in Russia!

From trying a long trip aboard the well-known Trans-Siberian Railway to touring the Golden Ring of old metros, you surely won’t get bored when vacationing in Russia. Of course, you shouldn’t also forget to cruise the huge Volga River, tour world-class museums like Hermitage and Tretyakov Gallery as well as check out the vast parks and architecturally-endearing palaces in the global cities of St. Petersburg and Moscow.

Take a look at the other places to roam around in Russia in this clip uploaded by Rob Milton, who further describes this country as:

--a land of mystery and amazing history, Russia is sure to fire the imagination. From the grand European icon of St Petersburg to the essence of new Russia in Moscow, and the time capsule of old Russia that is Novgorod, there are many contrasts to this intriguing country.

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