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Sometimes, getting lost in a foreign land makes a traveler appreciate what’s around him even more.

As it turns out, getting lost in Osaka might be the best thing to happen to you on your vacation.

Not that you shouldn't plan ahead so you can take advantage of the many amusement parks, historical sites, Shinto shrines, temples and parks the city has to offer. The Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan for example, is home to the second biggest aquarium tank in the world, and is definitely worth a visit. 

However, there's something about getting "lost" that enables you to more freely explore the city and really take in the little things that make it so wonderful. It’s guaranteed that you’re going to have a pleasant experience just strolling around and taking in all the sites. Watch Salvatore’s own version of being lost in this Japanese city during his travel to this part of Kansai region late last year.

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