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Learn what made the iPad Mini such a craze amongst Apple gadget lovers.

Travel In Style – Travel With The iPad Mini

Slightly longer than the Kindle Fire HD and the Google Nexus 7, the iPad Mini proudly presents the opportunity to provide almost 50 percent viewing space when you opt to go online, and this is all because of its size and the minimal displays on its screen.

Definitely lighter and having the features of the iPad 2, this Apple product also provides you countless opportunities to explore its thousands of applications made available in its app store. Find out more about this cute iPad Mini in this review written on CNET Reviews by senior editor Scott Stein.

Here’s an excerpt of his gadget review:

The iPad Mini's ultrathin and light design is far more intimate and book like than the larger iPad, and its cameras, storage capacities, optional LTE antenna, and general functionality offer a full iPad experience. The screen's dimensions elegantly display larger-format magazines and apps… It's cute, it's discreet, and it's very, very light. It feels like a whole new device for Apple. It's light enough to hold in one hand, something that wasn't really true of the iPad if held for extended periods of time. It's bedroom-cozy. Other full-fledged 7-inch tablets feel heavier and bulging by comparison… The bottom line: If you want the full, polished Apple tablet experience in a smaller package, the iPad Mini is worth the premium price. Otherwise, good alternatives are available for less money.

Check out the rest of his review, and consider traveling in style with the iPad Mini.

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