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Where does your next destination take you when dining in Portland? Read on to know more.

Smoked Pacific Salmon

As cited in Time Magazine in the recent years, Portland is the new food Eden of America.  So where do you start your culinary journey?  

We recommend these top five finest places to dine in Portland.

1. Wildwood

Popularly considered to be Portland’s best restaurant, Wildwood is known for dishes which use locally-sourced ingredients.   Dustin Clark, the Executive Chef, creates seasonal menus featuring the best from Portland’s local farmers, artisans, winemakers, brewers and distillers. Signature dishes to try are goat cheese lacinato kale gratin with pine nuts and black currants.

2. Acadia

Looking for the ultimate fine dining in Portland? Then head to Acadia, which is strategically situated in the Sabin/Irvington neighbourhood. Acadia is known for authentic Louisiana cuisine, and nothing simple comes close to the Cajun dishes the restaurant serves. Try their barbecued shrimp, Acadia steaks and Morbier cheese-infused potatoes.

3. Salty's

Salty’s on the Columbia River serves the best seafood treats in all of Portland.  Multi-awarded Salty’s was named 2010 Best Seafood Restaurant in Portland and Best Brunch in Portland. Also known for its steaks, the should-not-miss list must include Dungeness crab, Maine lobster, Alaskan salmon and halibut.

4. Clarklewis

This rustic Italian restaurant is the recipient of many awards including The Oregonian’s Restaurant of the Year, Wall Street Journals’ 10 most notable new restaurants of 2004 and msn.com’s 10 hottest new restaurants of the year.  Clarklewis is a busy restaurant in the industrial side of the district, serving local, organic, seasonal, sustainable and Italian-inspired fare.

5. The Heathman Restaurant & Bar

The Heathman's is known for traditional French classics cuisine. Each dish is carefully made using the finest local ingredients.  It is a favourite destination for breakfast, lunch, even for dinner.  Signature dishes to order are wild sturgeon with potato risotto, braised pork belly and roasted quail.

On the whole, Portland could surely bring you to gustatory heavens with these top five dining places!

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