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Craving some of Italy's finest culinary experiences? When in Sicily, grab the most incredible Mediterranean food your palate will ever taste. Here are the top 3 restaurants and what you can expect!


Sicily has a long history of producing a variety of noted cuisines and wines – to the extent that the island is sometimes nicknamed “God's Kitchen.”  Using fresh vegetables and fruits, such as tomatoes, artichokes, olives, olive oil, citrus, aubergines, onions, beans, sea foods and parsley, you could only expect healthy dishes from this Italian cuisine.

Let’s find out together.

La Madia

A two-starred Michelin restaurant, La Madia is unpretentious, but the food is seductively great. Giuseppe Cuttaia, the owner and chef, cooks in a simple place out in the sticks.

Don Camillo

In Syracuse, there is a place that overflows with locals for its unfailing great Sicilian dining experience. Preparations bring together fresh seafood and inspired creativity: the sublime spaghetti delle Sirene (with sea urchin and shrimp in butter); a delicate zuppa di mucco (tiny fish floating in a broth with cherry tomatoes, olive oil, and egg); or gamberoni prepared, unexpectedly, in pork fat.

Picollo Napoli

Piccolo Napoli in Palermo is the most popular seafood eateries in Sicily. The freshest of fish are done to your palate’s delight. It can be difficult to locate, but it is worth the find.

If you love food in its finest – healthy, prepared to perfection and with great Italian hospitality, make it Sicily!

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