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Have you ever wanted to learn to surf? Then check out Costa Rica Surf School. The Costa Rica Surf School instructors are experts on the area’s surf breaks and instruction is performed in a safe location based on the current conditions. Lessons are designed to educate surfers on surf etiquette, knowledge of the ocean, pre-surf stretches, paddling out, standing up and all the necessary skills.

Take Surf Lessons at the Costa Rica Surf School

Surfs up! at the Costa Rica Surf School, the only surf school in Costa Rica to be sponsored by popular brand Billabong. Take surf lessons at Saint Teresa in Costa Rica where you can learn to surf on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. 

The instructors at the Costa Rica Surf School are all experts of the local area's surf breaks and will ensure you are in a safe location based on the water conditions and your experience level. Learn surf etiquette, the best surf stretches, and how to paddle out and stand up on the board. If you have surfed before, the instructors will work to help you improve your skills. If you are looking for something more, join one of the Costa Rica Surf school's camps that last a week and focus on different themes throughout the year.

if you are ready to get wet and have an adventure on your next trip to Costa Rica, call us now. 

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