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Any art lover vacationing in London shouldn’t miss dropping by the world’s most-visited modern art museum.

Tate Modern, London



Tate Modern is housed in a magnificently refurbished power station, which was built in the middle of 20th century and has now become a contemporary art gallery of wonderful permanent art collections. 
You can begin your tour at the 19th century art collections created by artists like Matisse and then continue your sightseeing to the most modern pieces of art that are organized by theme--nude, still life and landscape. Learn more about the Tate Modern, wherein you can have a free tour around the gallery, in this review published on travel-centered site, called Frommer’s:
Through the main entrance you enter a vast space, the Turbine Hall, where a succession of giant temporary exhibitions are staged -- the bigger and more ambitious, the better. Highlights have included covering the floor with 100 million ceramic sunflower seeds (Sunflower Seeds by Ai Weiwei), creating a maze of 14,000 polyethylene boxes (Embankment by Rachel Whiteread), and building a series of metal tubes up to the floors above for visitors to slide down (Test Site by Carsten Höller).
See the rest of the review here, and consider seeing countless contemporary artworks at Tate Modern.

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