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Sail to Majorca, and See Why It Remains to be an Intriguing Holiday Destination in the Mediterranean

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With numerous scholars and celebrities building their private houses in Majorca, more and more people are becoming more interested to what this gorgeous Balearic Island has to offer.
Majorca, also called Mallorca, is an island in the Mediterranean that has seen a steady influx of travelers and renowned residents ever since the mid 90s.
This Balearic Island is now drawing more than 6 million travelers all around the globe each year because of its excellent-quality tourist developments, wonderful beaches and mild weather.
Daily Mail UK Travel writer Sarah Gordon visited this Mediterranean holiday destination, and saw for herself the many reasons why Majorca remains a magnet for not only travelers and usual holiday vacationers but also for famous celebrities like Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta Jones (“A-listers, Artists and a High-Flying Adrenaline Rush on a Villa Holiday in Magical Mallorca”). She admits that she merely was “intrigued by reports that this diamond-shaped drop in the Mediterranean is something of an A-list hangout.”
Here’s a short snippet from her recently published article:
As I drop down from the cool, lush peaks of the Tramuntana, I arrive in the old town of Soller, a little Eden huddled in the mountains’ skirts. Among the folds of rocks and vegetation that lead down to the sea, Annie Lennox is said to have her holiday home… The great and the good have always been attracted to the natural beauty and laid-back ambience of Mallorca.
Catch the rest of her article here, and learn more about the other beautiful travel attractions she visited in Majorca.

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