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If you are looking for a hot curlers, this is for you!

Roll your hair with Conair Mini Pro Hot Curlers


Conair’s Mini Pro Compact Hot Rollers is the absolute smallest set of travel rollers on the market making it another PackingLight.com gem.

The Conair styling setter includes ten patented-design rollers-three jumbo, three large and four medium all within a soft, floral fabric pouch for travel. And for foreign travel to countries with 220/240 voltage, the Conair travel curler set is dual voltage so you do not need a converter. Merely attach an adapter plug overseas and plug the travel appliance into a wall anywhere in the world!

Conair Mini Pro Compact Hot Rollers speed-heat in about ninety seconds you’ll be ready to set your curls almost immediately. The plastic rollers come deliver heat evenly while roller ribs help to transfer heat from rollers to hair.

When packed in its zippered travel case, the Conair Compact Hot Roller Set can easily tuck into a suitcase or even a small handbag

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