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For as little as $5 per hour, you can rent a quality car wherever your travels in the U.S. may take you!

Relay Rides is the "world's largest peer to peer carsharing marketplace."

All you need to do is to open a mobile application to trace a participating RelayRides vehicle near you, open this via your cell phone and start using it for as long as you like. This is a more affordable option than renting a vehicle, especially when you travel to cities or countries where RelayRides are now common.

Not yet convinced? Then read this review written about RelayRides by Boston.com contributor Scott Kirsner.

My rental totaled $35.33; the use of a newer Toyota Matrix a bit closer to my home with Zipcar would've cost $49.14 (Zipcar's rate for that vehicle is $9.25 an hour, though Zipcar offers discounted rates to members who commit to spending at least $50 a month with the service). RelayRides also lets you reserve cars in 15-minute increments, while Zipcar limits you to half-hour chunks. With Zipcar, that policy would've forced me to pay for fifteen minutes that I didn't need… I found the car easily, even though it wasn't in a marked spot, and I waved my membership card over a sensor on the windshield. The locks popped open. Inside, I found a key to the ignition, and a note from the owner informing me that I was their first renter.

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