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Do you worry about protecting your data while traveling? Then check out the FlipIt Travel Surge Protector. This device has three surge protected outlets and 2 USB ports for portable devices and comes with a $ 30,000 Connected Equipment Warranty.

Flipit Travel Example

Travel with peace of mind with the FlipIt Travel Surge Device. This device protects your data with three surge protected outlets and two USB ports. The FlipIt Travel Surge Device comes with a $30,000 Connected Equipment Warranty so you always know your electronic equipment is in good hands. 

The FlipIt Travel Surge Device offers 612 joules of protection for your valuable electronic devices. The FlipIt Travel Surge Device folds easily for travel, making it an ideal solution for those on business trips or holiday.

Don't risk blowing a fuse or losing important equipment during a storm or electric spark, the FlipIt Travel Surge Device is your answer away from home.

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