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Make sure you could still keep an eye on your residence even if you’re traveling the world.

Typical Surveillance Cameras


Keeping tabs of the security of your house even when you’re on the road is a prudent action, and the D-Link’s Cloud Cameras give you the opportunity to do so.

Coming with the top mydlink™ Cloud Services, you could simply monitor everything that’s going on inside your house as well as make use of its onboard recording and night vision. Get more details on this useful gadget in this review written by David Kelly of About.com:

It was pretty darn easy to set up the DLink camera system. I simply plugged the camera into an outlet, connected it via Ethernet, and ran the installation CD wizard, which guided me through set up. It automatically changed a setting on my Windows firewall, and then stepped me through the process…. The camera can work in either a wired (connected via a cable) or wireless mode. Both are easy to set up… It only took me about 15 minutes to set up the DLink Day/Night Camera… During testing, I found the video feed from the camera to be remarkably good, although it's certainly nothing you want to watch on your new, HD television… Note that remote viewing requires a high-speed Internet connection and router.

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