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Does business travel give you stress as you struggle to stay connected? Well, not with MiFi in your pocket!

MiFi for the Traveller Always on the Go!

As a business traveler, online connection quickly becomes a "must" when booking accommodations. 

Depending on your work, business travel can mean constant communication, document sharing and company updates - all activities that revolve around Internet availability. Whether you're opening a file from your DropBox account or simply sending an email, have dependable access to the Internet really makes a difference. 

However, without the comforts of home there are circumstances when you travel beyond your control, and Web connection may not be always feasible. This is why mobile Wi-Fi hotspots are created in the form of a MiFi, a particularly small wireless router introduced by the innovative Novatel Wireless.

Now you can sign up with your cell phone carrier, such as San Diego’s XCOM Global, so that you can get MiFi cards that are country-specific. This will then allow your MiFi device to provide online connection to a maximum of five Wi-Fi-enabled gadgets that are all within 30 feet of distance.

So whether you wish to check your email via your phone even when you’re on the beach or want to send an important document to the office while camping, you’ll no longer have to worry about finding a coffee shop or any Wi-Fi zones nearby.

If you’re still not convinced on using MiFi, then perhaps a review from Phil Baker of PeterGreenberg.com will persuade you more.

I used the MiFi constantly, typically turning it on for a short time while I downloaded my email and accessed the Web. I mostly using my iPhone in airplane mode with Wi-Fi turned on. It worked flawlessly and connected just about everywhere, including in the rural countryside. I also used it with Google Maps on my iPhone to navigate when walking to restaurants, shops and attractions within the towns…I used it sparingly, not because of the cost (it’s $15/day for unlimited data), but to preserve battery life, which was just a couple of hours. For week- or month-long trips, $15 can be a little expensive for only slight use. I’d like to see a lower cost plan for less data.


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