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Lake Louise, Banff, Canada, the Best Place to be during the Winter Season

One of the three major ski resorts located in Banff, Canada, Lake Louis is a great place to enjoy numerous winter activities. There are no boring days in Lake Louise, it has everything you and your family desire in a winter vacation.

Lake Louise has a total of 4200 acres of ski terrain which is suited for all ability levels. The resort is about two hours away from Calgary International Airport, the closest airport to Lake Louise. The resort has 11 hotels and lodges, fantastic dining options, and has all the facilities and amenities you need for a  ski vacation.   Although the resort is also open during the summer season, it best experienced during the winter, when it is bustling with activities.

Aside from taking ski or snowboarding lessons, there are other activities you can enjoy in Lake Louise. You can take a snowshoe tour which will take you to an elevation of over 2414 ft., so you can revel in the stunning scenic views of the Canadian Rockies. Enjoy an open chair or a fully enclosed gondola ride while taking pictures of lofty peaks and magnificent glaciers, amidst a sea of white. Take the entire family to the Sunny Tube Park where you can have fun riding down the slopes in its two groomed lanes. And at the end of the day, enjoy a torchlight dinner and ski activity which begins with an après ski drink, after which, you ski to Sitzmark Lounge where you can indulge in a dinner buffet while the live entertainment provides a joyous ambiance.

A beautiful scenery, days of endless skiing, fun activities for the entire family, and great accommodations are only the few things you will enjoy in Lake Louise. Book a winter trip to Lake Louise and find out why it is one of the best places for a winter vacation in the Canadian Rockies. 


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