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Get that shot in the right angle with the help of our featured travel gadget accessory of the day.

Joby GorillaPod Focus – Flexibility for Your Heavy-Duty DSLR Camera

If  you’ve been trying to get unique shots all this time while you’re on the road but can’t seem to do so with the usual landscape or portrait angles that you’ve been getting or are capable of, then you might want to consider purchasing the Joby GorillaPod Focus.

No angle is ever difficult for this travel camera accessory. Learn more about this 5-kg stainless steel travel tripod, and consider giving more flexibility to your heavy-duty DSLR camera by reading this review excerpt written by Darren Murph of EnGadget.com:
The Focus and Ballhead X are pretty simple devices at heart; they're meant to give DSLR owners the ability to set up a remote or timed shot just about anywhere, and the latter in particular is Joby's first real foray into what some would consider the "professional" camera accessory market. The Gorillapod Focus is truly beastly; it's mammoth in most every respect (11, but otherwise it wouldn't be suited to handle up to 11.1 (yeah, we looked it up) pounds of pure, photographic bliss. We tested the Focus ($99 MSRP) out with a D90 (1.37 pounds sans lens) and a D3S (2.73 pounds sans lens), and regardless of the position we placed it in, the tripod held rock steady. Leaning to one side, hanging upside down, you name it -- we even put a shoulder into the camera while mounted in an attempt to knock it over, and it managed to withstand minor bumps with ease.

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