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Good question. 

If you're severely allergic to cats, you've probably already considered the possibility of having a feline seatmate on your next flight. As many airlines have policies that allow passengers to travel with their cats your well-being is at risk. What do you do?

Apparently as of right now, there’s no recourse for passengers with allergies that are seated next to feline fliers. Some call ahead  to see if there will be cats in the cabin. If you can even get that information, you can potentially change flights but you risk getting stuck with an airlines' change fee. 

There are other avoidance measures though. You can pre-medicate for your allergies before you fly. Or ask to be moved to another side of the plane.

“They have said that I should ask for a seat change, but with re-circulated air, no seat is safe. Travel insurance also doesn’t cover this, as it’s a foreseeable circumstance.”

So what do you do? Have you ever had this problem before?

Check out the full article by Harriet Baskas, msnbc.com contributor: Q&A: Cats and Cat Allergies on a Plane

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