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Liverpool is not only famous for providing a crazy nightlife and awesome football teams as the primarily reason why it rose to fame is because it is the hometown of the world-renowned band, The Beatles.

Hotel Tip: Tribute to the Beatles – Living in a Yellow Submarine

In honor of The Beatles and in order to attract more guests, a controversial move was initiated by businessman Alfie Bubbles as he tries to make an innovative move in the hotel industry.

Today the fans of The Beatles could not only tour the prominent museum of The Beatles Story or take part in the Magical Mystery Tour, which aims to take them to places in Liverpool that have a strong connection to The Beatles, but they could now also choose to sleep their nights away in a Yellow Submarine, a song popularized by the band.

Daily Mail UK’s TravelMail Reporter takes you to a tour in this quirky accommodation right along the banks of Liverpool’s Albert Dock (“One for Beatles Fans: Now We can All Sleep in a Yellow Submarine in Liverpool”). He described that the floating hotel is “painted to look like the vessel on the cover of their record Yellow Submarine”.

Here’s an excerpt from his recent article:

Once a narrow boat, the 'submarine' now features a psychedelic lounge - complete with an original scooter from the film Quadrophenia - and three bedrooms… And no expense has been spared in the refit. The rooms all boast 3D televisions, computers and Wi-Fi.

Go through the rest of his article, and learn more about the existing and soon-to-be built floating submarines in Liverpool.

So start planning your next travel destination as soon as possible!

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