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Business Travel Solutions

What if you had a business guide for your current destination at the tip of your fingers? You don't have to dream about it – Business Traveller City Guides give you important information for your corporate travel needs.

Get in the Know With Business Traveller City Guides


As business and technology continue to move forward as a harmonious relationship, Business Traveller has provided one more asset every corporate traveller needs – Business Traveller City Guides.

The Business Traveller City Guides app offer a comprehensive database of information regarding restaurants, accommodations, leisure activities, and more. Currently, the app provides details for 49 business destinations, with plans to add more in the near future, and the information updates frequently.

You have the option of purchasing specific guides for £1.99 (just over $3.00 CAD) each, or purchase the whole package, with free updates for £19.99 (roughly $31.50 CAD).


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