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For the Adventurous: Whitewater Rafting at Tabuk, Kalinga's Chico River

Expect an adventure from beginning to end in Kalinga’s Whitewater Rafting Adventure at Tabuk’s Chico River. Before facing the water, you’d have to ride a jeepney on a zigzag road leading to Malaking Bato. This will take you to Chico River and will mark the beginning of your unforgettable rafting experience.

Before anything else, you will have to go through a briefing so you'd know how to properly (and safely) paddle your way through Chico River. The group will then be divided into those who wants to take the rafting experience to the next level and get dunked under water and those who are not good swimmers.

For those who do not want to get into mini whirlpools, get ready to experience different kinds of rapids--from weak ones to an angry raging ones. Don’t worry, most of the trip would be on calm waters to give you an opportunity to enjoy the scenic views surrounding the Chico River. From lush green mountains to carved rock formation, bask in the beauty of nature while you paddle. It may seem like this ride will be peaceful all throughout, but think again. A turbulent stretch that can topple your boat will come your way soon after the calm. Make sure that your group is synchronized enough to keep your raft stable!

All the paddling can get tiring that’s why you’ll have a chance to dock on a sandy portion of the river where snacks will be passed around. After a short break, your guide can give you an option to swim the rest of the way or paddle again. Keep in mind that there’s one last rapid to face! Enjoy a trip down Chico River. Book your holiday now!


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