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Are you looking for a unique hiking adventure? Then check out the Siberia Experience in Wanaka, New Zealand. The Siberia Experience offers visitors a four hour unique New Zealand Wilderness Adventure in Mount Aspiring World Heritage National Park.

Experience the Beauty of Siberia Valley on a Siberia Experience Tour

Take a tour in Siberia Valley and have a fun and thrilling adventure with Siberia Experience Tour. Get to ride in an aeroplane with a 25-minute long flight and have the best possible view of the beautiful glaciers, rugged mountains, refreshing mountain lakes, hanging valleys, and unspoiled rainforests.

With Siberia Experience Tour, you’ll get to experience hiking like no other. With a three-hour long walk within the bush, through the river valleys and native Beech Forest, you’ll fully enjoy the beauty of nature surrounding you without any hints of civilization. Get to see amazing rock formations, native birds, mountain streams, and lots of trees.

At Siberia Experience Tour, you’ll also get to ride a jet boat way back to Makarora. Get to have 30 minutes of relaxation and sightseeing along the Mountain River with the fun and thrilling ride, a perfect ending to an unforgettable ride and walks.

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