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Enjoy a Rickshaw ride in Dhaka, Bangladesh

It is hard to describe the city of Dhaka! It is such an eclectic city that will overwhelm your senses. Strangely enough, its chaos, noise, frenzy, hustle and bustle can be very enchanting and captivating.

The capital city of Bangladesh, Dhaka has more than 14 million inhabitants in the city proper, packed in a 50,368 square miles area. The city is known to be the “Rickshaw Capital of the World” with more than 600,000 rickshaws plying its streets. Be prepared for the onslaught of human, car, bus, taxi, and rickshaw traffic! If you get pass through the traffic, you will find Dhaka a captivating and vibrant city. The Shahjalal International Airport is your gateway to the city. It is the largest airport in Bangladesh and is served by a number of international carriers linking the city to a number of countries from across the globe. The airport is 11 miles from the heart of Dhaka.

If you haven’t ridden a rickshaw, Dhaka would be the perfect place to ride one. It is a thrilling and fun ride which might make you scream with delight or terror!  If you can take the ride, you must tour Dhaka in a rickshaw and visit its top attractions including the Liberation War Museum, the ancient Bengal palace called Sonargaon, Dhakeshwari Temple, Ahsan Manzil, Ramna Park, Dharmarajika Buddhist Monastery, Rose Garden, Bangabandhu Memorial Museum, Shahid Minar Monument,and the Sukanta's Dhamrai Metal Crafts. If you are famished after visiting its attractions, ask your rickshaw driver to bring you to Hazir Biriani, the favorite eating place of the locals and an institution in Dhaka. You can’t bring a rickshaw back home but you can buy some souvenirs at the New Market.

Full of life, uproarious, and pulsating with so much energy, the city of Dhaka will worm its way into your heart.  Be adventurous and book a trip to Dhaka! 


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