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Don't risk offending a potential client with your lax fashion sense – looking good is vital to the reputation of your company.

Dress for Success: Make a Good First Impression


Nobody feels comfortable wearing a 3-piece suit on a 7-hour flight, and nobody expects you to, but as a representative of your company, it's important to make a good first impression. If you'll be meeting clients at the airport, then dress appropriately. You don't have to wear a suit jacket in the blistering 30-degree heat, but make sure your travel clothes are respectable.

The rule applies even during off-hours. Lose the sweat pants or short shorts if you plan to do any leisure activities while away. Even in a big city, there is always the risk that you'll run into your potential client somewhere and you don't want to offend.

Use the proper facilities for relaxing – a spa, the beach, or your hotel room. Your appearance is just as important as your personality.


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