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Sail to one of Spain’s Balearic Islands, and start claiming that hard-earned vacation along with a chance to find inner peace through yoga.

Cruise to Formentera, and Get that Planned Respite along with a Yoga Ses

Known as the most southern Balearic Island of the group of Pitutistic Islands in Spain, Formentera is not only a nice beach destination for honeymooners and for the entire family as it is also a great place to completely relax and entirely let go all the worries that you’re carrying from work for a fleeting moment.

Regarded as more discreet and crowd-free than its neighboring island, called Ibiza, Formentera also attracts hundreds to thousands of travelers between the peak seasons in July and August.

While most visitors sail to this island to get a piece of solitude and to top off their tan on the beach, others, such as Daily Mail UK Travel contributing writer Lucy Kite, visited Formentera to enjoy her unique yoga retreat (“A Balearic Breather: Stretching into a Yoga Break on Formentera, Ibiza’s Little Neighbor”). Nevertheless, she soon realized that her stay at the Gecko Beach Club is not similar to the usual yoga sessions as she could apparently take pleasure in as much worldly desires, such as “food, fun and (as much) guilt-free wine, as much as she wants.

Here’s a quick snippet of her article:


Jax takes her nervous students, who range from yoga virgins to advanced teachers, through a two-hour session and by the end we feel amazing and starving hungry, ready for dinner… The food here is fairly basic for the yoga group – not quite birdseed but certainly vegetarian – but it's tasty and we feel better for it, if not a bit smug for being so healthy. I slope off for an early night and the best sleep I've had in weeks.

Catch the rest of her article, and get more information on all the fun things she did while on a yoga retreat on Formentera Island.

So start planning your next yoga trip today!

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