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Just like your favorite restaurant in the Big Apple, the Vegas version of Aureole offers similar, if not better, food and wine choices of its NY counterpart.

American Cuisine and Wine Abundance at Aureole

Primarily well-known for its remarkable 4-story glass wine tower, the Aureole resto in Vegas lives up to its specialty by ensuring that diners won’t have any difficult choosing from the great selection of wines by providing a handheld computer that you can freely navigate right on your table.

Learn more about the dish recommendations and resto overview of Aureole below:

Using the best and freshest ingredients available, Plamer’s personal interpretation of American cuisine is creative and whimsical, yet sophisticated. Seasonality plays an important role in Palmer’s cuisine. Aureole’s ever-evolving menu reflects the time of year as well as market availability and incorporates diverse culinary ideas from all regions of the US and beyond. Classic creations such as Sea Scallop Sandwiches in a Crisp Potato Crust and Wood-grilled Filet Mignon with Cabernet sauce are among Palmer’s signature dishes.

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